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© Benjamin Vossler

15 July 2023 Kortrijk (BE) - BOS! Festival

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I played a concert at BOS! Festival in Kortrijk (Belgium) on the 15th of July 2023 — if you were there it would mean a lot to me if you would share your impressions and thoughts and maybe even some pictures with me!

© Benjamin Vossler

Your thoughts, memories and pictures


Thank you for the wonderfull creations in the ‘BOS’ (Forest) We all enjoyed your Magical Music. Even the birds, bugs and bees I believe. Danke!

— Liesbeth

Out of this world

Dear Martin, I can’t really remember when or how I stumbled across your music but from the moment I did, I could not stop listening to it; It just resonates with me. I started using it as background music for my intuitive massages and healings and all my customers always ask about my playlist…so in a way we are both talking, improvising and creating with our hands but the language and dialogue you’ve created with the piano is out of this world; I am still processing your performance at BOS festival…it was beyond beautiful; I was impressed by hearing you talk so vulnerable about improvising and creating your music and seeing you tune in to your gut feeling and create something absolutely unique…it’s impossible to capture it with words…but I really wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! Already looking forward to your concert in my city (Ghent) in October! Love, Ellen

— Ellen