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21 June 2018 Moscow (RU) - Central House of Artists

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I played a concert at Central House of Artists in Moscow (Russian Federation) on the 21st of June 2018 — if you were there it would mean a lot to me if you would share your impressions and thoughts and maybe even some pictures with me!

Your thoughts, memories and pictures

one of the most memorable concerts in my life

»I saw an advert in Russian group in VK(Russian facebook 🙂 ) about this concert and at that time i started to get interested in neoclassical and after listening to couple of your songs decided to go there. I havent heared about you at that time. You was also there with another Russian guy, but I think I made my decision to go after listening to couple of your songs. I came there with my girlfriend, and we were just amazed by this concert. The energy of you guys was amazing. The way you didnt want to leave and concert went for more then half an hour as a bonus for amazing 2 hour concert. I remember you two even started to improvise and the concert at the end and how you put your hand in the piano to get the right sound. I can’t really describe everything. But after we left the building we were so happy, so amazed by your energy, your desire to play for the crowd that dont want you to leave. After that I was listening( And still listening sometimes) your album Nacht especially song EXA. Well actually it’s hard to remember the names of the songs x) As you said on the concert – it doesnt matter how this song called its some kind of encryption thing you won’t understand anyway(well I remember your phrase this way 🙂 ) Also I feel this is a great opportunity maybe to ask… is there a way to find notes, ot how its called sheet music of you songs? I started to really enjoy playing piano for myself and my goal is to learn how to play one of your songs at least) Would be great to have a source) Well, I really really really REALLY hope to see you in Moscow one day again, or maybe somewhere else who knows)«

— Denis