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28 September 2018 Way Back When Festival (DE)

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I played a concert at Way Back When Festival in Germany on the 28th of September 2018 — if you were there it would mean a lot to me if you would share your impressions and thoughts and maybe even some pictures with me!

Your thoughts, memories and pictures


Your concert in the Church in Dortmund completely blew me away. It was just magical. I can’t even really describe how it made me feel to hear and watch you and your music – it made me really…calm and also emotional. Sometimes I just can’t help but cry…I think it’s mostly happy tears though – just music is just so moving. I could have sat there forever just listening. Since the concert was part of the Way Back When Festival, it didn’t last very long though. But I got myself some tickets for the ‘Historische Stadthalle’ in Wuppertal. I love that your concerts always take place in these rare and beautiful locations with such a great atmosphere. Thank you for your music! Can’t wait for the next concert.

— Lea