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© Benjamin Vossler
© Benjamin Vossler
© Benjamin Vossler

23 September 2023 Budapest (HU) - A38 Ship

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© Benjamin Vossler

I played a concert at A38 Ship in Budapest (Hungary) on the 23rd of September 2023 — if you were there it would mean a lot to me if you would share your impressions and thoughts and maybe even some pictures with me!

© Benjamin Vossler
© Benjamin Vossler

Your thoughts, memories and pictures


Thank you very much for yesterday's concert experience, I bought a concert ticket to Germany at the beginning of 2020, but unfortunately I couldn't make it because of Covid, and when I saw that you were coming to us in July, I bought it without thinking. And during the AMS, my tears flowed, because it was a dream come true that I could hear it live, a big thank you to the organizers and most of all to you. Anna

— Vágó Anna


Thank you very much the fantastic concert. 🙌

— Anna Hujber

It was your third concert @ A38, and it was my third concert experience with you. Nevertheless it was my first concert since Covid hit the world. As always: it was breathtaking! I wasn’t able to hold back the tears of joy.

— Julia

A sincere portrayal of the autumn equinox, where Libra is symbolized by the scales, signifying the pursuit of equilibrium and harmony. To me, it embodies the art of embracing life in all its extremes. Your music, with its profound, soul-stirring bass reverberating within, harmonized beautifully with the ethereal, transcendent soprano of the piano, touched the deepest corners of my soul. Furthermore, this sense of balance extended beyond your music, permeating your expression and personality—an admirable blend of humble openness and virtuosity. This authenticity shined as a marvel not just in your artistry but also in the depths of your being. Your wisdom in navigating ego is inspiring. What a way to conclude my 29th orbit around the sun. Much love.

— KNL.

Not a concert, but a magical performance

Thank you for the concert last night! I've watched all the Martin’s YouTube livestreams many, many times, but I still wasn't prepared for such a deep emotional experience. No, no, it wasn't a concert, it was pure magic. I swear, sometimes felt like the sounds just appeared by themselves, out of thin air. In fact, it was a landmark concert for me. I’ve long wanted to hear Martin live, and I was supposed to be at his perfomance at the Gamma Festival in St. Petersburg in 2017, but I couldn’t because of stupid circumstances. It’s now 2023. It’s been a long road to it, but I’m very happy ) I believe that Martin is a true musician who will remain in history. If you saw him live you can tell that music is life for him. Accordingly, it’s silly to wish him «keep going», so I just wish never lose and never forget the excitement of that child who started with an repetative A key to the sound of ticking clock. And for the rest of you, I wish you could attend a Martin concert at least once in your life.

— Kirill

Thank you for a concert of amazing musicality!

— Szilard Onodi

It was beautiful to have a view into your brain, through the music, through the flow you got into which you let us experience it with you, chained together with simple and honest words in between. It was inspiring to see where twenty years of pursuing something you like and truly enjoy can take you, from that ticking clock on the wall all the way to this day. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey of yours with the world.

— @thehighdynamic

I first heard and saw your music on Youtube a few years ago. Since then, one of my great wishes has been to see a live concert of yours one day, and this has now come true here in Budapest on the A38 ship in September 2023. I brought my daughter and my friends with me, who were of the same opinion as me: it was a fantastic experience! Thank you for the concert, and for the subsequent autograph and photo session! I hope that you will come to Hungary to perform again, I wish you much success in the future!

— Feri (and not Ferdi :-) )

Thanks :)

Hi Martin, it was my 2nd concert with you on A38. Back in 2019 I came without knowing too much about you and your music. I could sit in the first row and it was a really great experience to see how you create music and how much you enjoy it. This time I could see it from the back so had a different experience but I loved that you were in such a great mood and eager to impro a lot. I love your music listening from Spotify but I love it a bit better live. You have such a good energy. During the concert, I had an idea to take part in a music co-creation workshop led by you. :D

— Andrea