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© Karine Bravo
© Karine Bravo
© Karine Bravo
© Karine Bravo

29 April 2024 Warsaw (PL) - Palladium

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© Karine Bravo

I played a concert at Palladium in Warsaw (Poland) on the 29th of April 2024 — if you were there it would mean a lot to me if you would share your impressions and thoughts and maybe even some pictures with me!

© Karine Bravo
© Karine Bravo
© Karine Bravo

Your thoughts, memories and pictures

I just wanted to thank you. My friend asked me to come with him to your concert and that was one of the most beautiful things that I experienced. That was the moment when I'm so grateful I have my ears and I could hear something authentic and real. You are so truly passioned. I also create handmade thing and I think the world needs more people like you. Please stay yourself and good luck with the flow and inspiration.

— Roksana

The normal one

I didnt hear about you before i accidentally seen some concert add on facebook. I clicked to listen 30 secs sample of your music and decided to buy a ticket. The concert went beyond my expectations. I love the way you play music by playing with the music. Cant wait for another gig. Will take more friends 😉

— Piotr

The Architect of Music

Martin Kohlstedt delivered fantastic performance in Warsaw. He is great composer, master of black and white keyboards, but first of all he is the Architect of Music. Starting from the one piano note he is creating the Structure of Sound as a mix of exciting melodies, electronic sequences, and ad hoc sampling. This is fascinating House of Sounds into which Martin is inviting us to share his thought, dreams, feelings and imagination. His live show is incredible free extension of his compositions. As he told - each performance is different containing a lot of improvisation. I hope he will return to Warsaw soon to play new unique amazing concert. Thank you Martin.

— Dariusz

Beauty and virtuosity

What happens in the mind of a person listening to music? What happens in the head of a person playing music? At what speed are the neurons in that head racing?)) What is this process in which the performer and the listener merge, anyway? Martin, thank you for virtuosity, presence, and this process. Glad I made it to the live concert. Already looking forward to the next performance in Katowice

— Ira

Thank you for showing us your world! Inviting us for a journey! It was an incredible experience! And it was Monday like no other one! Magical! I’m sure it wasn’t just one meeting! We will travel to meet you somewhere else in the world! I’m sure we will meet again. Thank you Martin 💛

— Agnieszka

An unexpected Monday evening

Thank you for an absolutely amazing concert which exceeded my expectation. I was taken for a mesmerising journey of sou ds. Your artistry and passion for music will stay with me for a long time. RENATA

— Renata

Symphony of sounds

I was simply blown away... I haven't seen your performance before, not even recorded, so I didn't know what to expect. Watching you creating music with such passion is a pure pleasure. This concert could last for 3 hours, and it wouldn't be enough. Thank you for taking us for this journey!

— Andrzej

Best birthday gift

I was looking for something unique to go for my birthday, decided to spend my evening with you. You delivered more than just a great birthday gift… thank you Martin for all you do and the way you do. Don’t you ever change :)

— Dawid