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© Karine Bravo
© Karine Bravo
© Karine Bravo
© Peter Runkewitz

04 May 2023 Paris (FR) - La Scala Paris

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I played a concert at La Scala Paris in Paris (France) on the 4th of May 2023 — if you were there it would mean a lot to me if you would share your impressions and thoughts and maybe even some pictures with me!

© Karine Bravo
© Karine Bravo
© Karine Bravo
© Peter Runkewitz

Your thoughts, memories and pictures

F*ucking brilliant

Two things: First, it's very impressive for me to see someone play several instruments in a raw ! You created a real synergy with some noise that didn't match at the beginning... SORRY THAT'S F*CKING BRILLIANT ahah And the second thing is that you seem to definitely enjoy the moment we could see it on your face ! That's definitely why I love go to concerts. And I loved sharing a few words with you about your vision of music ! Thank you so much Martin !

— Lilian


Danke für das schöne Erlebnis in dieser Stadt, in der ich mich grad klein fühle. Dein Spiel und deine persönliche Art zu sein begeistert und berührt mich sehr. Ich fühlte mich entführt und ganz da. Bin ermutigt zu lieben was ich tu' und genauso was ich nicht tu'...Nichtwissen, ausprobieren, aussprechen, trauen oder ne Weile lang in Bewährtem entspannen. Achja, die Seerosen von Monet kamen mir nochmal vor Augen - konnte sie während des Konzerts fast mehr genießen als im Museum.

— Lina

Danke !

Merci @martinkohlstedt pour ce concert hier soir à @lascala.paris Un moment hors du temps, où mon âme s’est sentie connectée à une énergie d’une autre dimension. Multidimensionnel. Ineffable. Instant présent. Joie. Ce concert donne envie d’écrire des films. J’ai été émue. Je me suis sentie connectée a la mer, aux Passeurs d’Âmes, au magnétisme, à la déchirure de vivre, à la joie de vivre, a l’hypersensibilité de mes sens. @martinkohlstedt est un être de génie aux doigts magiques et aux expressions corporelles qui nous nourrissent, il est habité, il est connecté, un flow intemporel. Gratitude.

— Laura Vassoney


My boyfriend introduced me to your music whilst learning several of your pieces. Your music has since got me through some tough times within myself. I listen to your music to go to sleep as well as driving to begin a long hectic working day. I feel there is so much depth to the work you create and I look forward to hearing what you continue to create in the future. Watching you Live was an amazing experience! One we don’t forget!

— Arizona eastwood

Magique ✨

Martin, Thanks for sharing your art with us that night. You’re a pure magician and your passion can be seen from miles away (but glad you played such an intimate venue so we could feel closer to you). I was visiting Paris for my brother’s birthday and looked up online for a special show to attend together, and WOW! Best music discovery in years! Haven’t stopped listening yet! Keep doing what you love, always! Hope to see you one day in NYC :)

— Guillemette